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Good News

I got in touch with a few people in the hospital today, and I think it might happen! They mentioned it is a process, and could take time, but it really is ok. I am excited at the possibility of helping those families where Jenna spent her entire life. Thank God!


Jessica Nichole


Hope Collage Requests

In honor of my firstborn Jenna Belle, who visited our world for 13 days, I would like to help bereaved families by creating a Hope Collage of their child's name. This cause is dedicated to parents around the world who have had to say goodbye to their babies too soon. Requests may be made for children of any age.

To make your request email me at: jennabelle55@gmail.com. Provide your baby's name with up to 13 words or phrases that remind you of your precious one. If you would like to include your baby’s hand prints or footprints in the collage, you can send them to me in JPEG format.  

Along with your request, feel free to send me a link to your blog and I will post it with the collage. Please allow 5-7 days for your request to come through. Thank you for visiting Abiding Hope.

Please specify which style you would like: Style A or Style B

Style "A"

Style "B" 

Click the picture to read Jenna Belle's story.

To find out what I am working on, you may follow me on Twitter. In addition to creating hope collages, I do blog makeovers to help supplement the cost of running this site. My tweets may be about any one of my projects.


100th Post

I honestly don't know how to even start this post. There is so much on my heart but for some reason words are not coming easily tonight.

It has been an honor to remember your angels with you. These precious ones visited our world and forever changed our lives.

It is bittersweet to create these memorials.

On one hand, it makes my heart smile, because I feel that with each collage Jenna's memory lives on and her life is honored by helping someone create a memory. On the other hand, it breaks my heart because this is real life. With each new request I know on the other side there are broken hearts, shattered dreams and another sad, devastating story.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this cause with your encouragement, love and kind words.

For the 100th post, I had been rolling around the idea to do something special. I finally decided that for this post, I would share with you my idea...

I created a flyer/ postcard to promote this memorial site with hopes of printing at least 100 of them and asking Texas Children's Hospital to add one to their care package. When Jenna died, I received a beautiful pink box with literature for grieving families and a few other keepsakes. At the time I didn't realize that in time I would be desperate to continue to make memories with her even after she had gone home. I would love to be able to reach families where Jenna spent her entire life. I have spoken to a few people at the hospital about it over the phone, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I will just pick up the pieces and try again this coming week.

*wish me luck*

Gracie Lou



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