Please Read Before Placing Your Order

First of all I am sorry that you are here, most likely brought by unimaginable grief in your life or in the life of a close friend or family member. These Hope Collage Memory Boxes are a part of Jenna's legacy and it is my desire to be able to provide these at the lowest price possible to make them affordable. Abiding Hope Collages is not a non profit section 501(c)(3) organization; it is solely run by me, mother to my angel Jenna Belle. It is my hope and prayer to one day become a non profit which would enable me to provide these at no cost. However, to cover the cost of materials to create the memory boxes, there is a small donation required and shipping costs will be added through PayPal.

Please note that I only ship to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

1. Please do not order a memory box until after I have published your child's Hope Collage on this site. If you place your order before I get the chance to complete the Hope Collage, it may take a few days longer to complete your memory box.

2. Please note that I do my best to replicate the fonts used for the memory boxes, but adjust font and size as needed to enhance the design. I never adjust the words chosen.

3. The words chosen will be printed in black instead of grey tones, as seen in the samples.

4. The memory boxes are a homemade product. I do my best to cover any blemishes and would rather do it over again than send you anything short of my best work.

5. If you receive your memory box and are unsatisfied, you may return it for the amount of the memory box, which is $15.00. I am unable to reimburse you for any shipping costs.

6. The memory boxes consist of many layers and take about two weeks from the time you place your order to mail out. You will receive an email once it has been shipped, along with a snapshot of it.

7. I use priority shipping for domestic shipping within the states, and flat rate shipping to Canada and Mexico.

8. If you have still have any questions please be sure to email me at jennabelle55@gmail.com before placing your order. I will be happy to answer them for you.

If you are ready to place your order, be sure to choose the shape you prefer and click on the button below.

Prices do not include Shipping & Handling

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