Hope Collage Request Form

*** I am currently in nursing school and am set to graduate May 2014!!! YAY!! You are welcome to complete a request form and I will add your name to the wait list. After graduation I will be able to devote much more time to these collages and will then make my way through the wait list. Thanks so much!! xoxo Tabatha ***

If you are requesting a collage for more than one baby you can request their names together on one collage on one form or order a separate collage for each of them by filling out separate order forms.

Your child's Hope Collage will be published on this memorial site in 4-6 weeks from the date of your submission. You can follow us here or on our Facebook page to view your child's collage (all collages auto-publish to our fan page).

Please do not purchase your high resolution JPEG until it publishes. You may purchase your high resolution JPEG using the PayPal button on the sidebar. There is no obligation to purchase the collage, but all proceeds made from this site make it possible to create these at no cost for baby lost parents.

*If you have suffered multiple losses, we will send you all your babies' Hope Collages for ONE $20 donation.

Requests are now CLOSED . Please follow us on facebook for updates.

*If you purchased a collage, we will remove the watermark and email you your high resolution JPEG(s) within 48 hours.

Hoping for peace and comfort in your journey


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