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Since September of last year, the increase of hope collages has increased dramatically. It is bittersweet when I think about it. More bitter than sweet most definitely. There is a sweetness that comes to mind though too just knowing that I can ease someone's pain just a bit by creating this keepsake for them in their child's memory.

There used to be only a couple of requests every once in a blue moon for the high resolution file and to re-create the image was no big deal since I wasn't too full with requests. Since the number of requests has increased, so has the request for the high resolution file.

More recently I tried offering the high resolution option on the order form to avoid having to do the same collage twice, but some would change their mind and want the high res after seeing the collage published. This has created a lot of double work which wasn't such a big deal, but lately it has become somewhat of a time issue. Lately with projects running out of my ears, doing double work just eats a lot of my time.

So instead of creating some collages twice, I will be creating EVERY collage in high resolution. I will be adding a watermark to the collages which can be removed for a $5 donation. I hope this doesn't sound awful.

***It will not cost ANYTHING to make a request for a hope collage, just to have the watermark removed for printing/ sharing/ etc***

I LOVE doing the hope collages for bereaved families. I hope I can continue to do them too.

If you have any suggestions/ feedback/ comments please let me know.

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